Nissan Pickup Tips

Nissan Pathfinder. Part 2. Disturbing The first review of this car, I have already presented to your attention. Unfortunately, the history of communication with the SUV was divided into two parts, before the accident and after the accident. Part 2. After the accident. The car was parked at the sidewalk when a Peugeot 307 flew into it from behind at a decent speed. The first impression after the impact was that there was little visible damage. Despite the fact that the jeep drove forward and removed the rear of the Toyota Mark, it looked good. A tall car, so the bumpers took the main blows and the jeep just climbed on top of the Japanese. But with a rear impact worse, again due to the height of the car, Peugeot clearly stuck into the rear wheel, simply pulling it out. Peugeot ended instantly. The motor on the roadway, a fire in the cabin, as a result, a completely burnt car. Actually, I did not expect more from the French. The Nissan body retained all the original gaps, the glass was intact, only the rear wheel, which was hanging on the remains of the suspension, spoke of the consequences of the impact. The car started up immediately and on three wheels (driving away from the burning Peugeot) left the dangerous place. There are no victims. At first, it seemed to me that the repair would be fast and non-global. Alas. The insurance commissioner arrived, apparently the experience allowed us to draw a conclusion right away, he said that there could be problems with the frame. On the same night, the car was delivered on a tow truck to the gates of a well-known official dealer of Nissan. Next is the chronology. It took the dealer two months just to get the car up on a lift and fix damaged parts. He asked me to immediately pay attention to the frame. No, the frame is fine. Suspension, bumper, tailgate and fender, definitely yes. The frame is definitely not. Okay, we’re waiting for insurance. we continue to wait for the insurance company, we start calling the insurance company and finally we get their consent to the specified details. 3 months have passed since the delivery of the car. Do not think — the insurance company is one of the oldest. The fourth month was spent on the delivery of the necessary spare parts, at the beginning of the fifth month of being at the service, work began on restoring the car. And immediately ended, it is necessary to change the frame. Wait, where is that experienced, trained professional who studied the damage three months ago, how did he miss this? Gross silence of the dealer. It took another month to agree on a frame replacement. At the end of the eighth month, the frame was brought to Russia. Just a couple more weeks and the car is ready. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to understand the cause of the non-working ABS, but in just a couple of days we will solve the problem. Solved 3 weeks. It’s been 10 months since I took the jeep there when they called me that I could pick up the car. 10 months. Each of you will probably figure out for himself what can be done in such a period. Pick up the car immediately failed. Only four parts were painted, and then the dust remained on everyone. Everything that was not painted was scratched. By a little. But that’s all. My attempts to draw attention to defects are politely ignored. In the end, left the car for polishing. My mistake was that you must be present the fact that some kind of car brand is among the best sellers on the market is an unambiguous refusal to buy this car. Good people, they do not have time to serve them later. I sincerely want to believe that this is just a coincidence and I was just unlucky. But still, be careful. I couldn’t stay without a car. There was no time to wait for the car to order. Bought a Tahoe. Here’s the topic: they don’t have queues at all. The last MOT is $136. So let’s live some more.

07/01/2007 Nissan Pathfinder. Part 2. Disturbing The first review of this car, I have already presented to your attention. Unfortunately, the history of communication with the SUV was divided into d.