It looks like a small power supply that is inserted into the cigarette lighter socket with a voltage of 12 V. On the reverse side there are one or more USB outputs, a cable for charging a smartphone or tablet is connected to them. • current strength – determines the charging time of the device, there are models with parameters of 1–4 A and more, it should be noted that if there are several outputs, the current strength is divided between them; Not so long ago there were good discounts on the Baseus range at JD. • Compatibility — applies only to models that come with a USB cable, in which case chargers for iPhones and other devices are available.

Reviews of auto chargers for phones

Auto charger for your phone is a small device that allows you to charge your gadgets right in the car. Autochargers differ from each other in the following parameters: • number of outlets — the most popular models for 1-3 outlets, in the case of several USB ports, the cost of the device will be higher, but they make it possible to simultaneously charge several gadgets; Plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and converts the car’s voltage to the voltage needed to charge your phone. I could not resist and took a good compact charger — it is interesting because, despite its compactness, it gives out as much as 3A for two outputs.