I had an idea for a long time to assemble watches on gas-discharge or luminescent indicators. It was not possible to find them in Norilsk. Just in case, I ordered 2 pieces, as I was worried that they might break on the road. At first I wanted to assemble on IV-12. This is one of the largest indicator lamps, but having learned the price of one piece, he abandoned this idea. (Picture for example from the Internet). I really liked them, but the price for the self-assembly kit is $85, excluding shipping. The maximum grid voltage is pulsed: 70 Grid voltage is pulsed: 50 V After 3 weeks, the parcel was in my hands.
Found information, it turned out to be Ice Tube Clock from Adafruit. 1.JPG» /»> Greetings! The review will be devoted to the IV-18 vacuum luminescent indicator and watch assembly based on it. The brightness of the indicator, changing during the minimum operating time, not less than: 100 cd/m2 The current of the anodes-segments is pulsed total IV-18: 40 mA While I was thinking, the enthusiasm faded, other projects appeared. I could not buy the same in Russian online stores, then there was no delivery to Norilsk, then only wholesale. The seller turned out to be from Nizhny Tagil (delivers worldwide) https://tonaton.com/s_56-socks. I’ll tell you about each functional node in the circuit, there will be a lot of photos, pictures, text and, of course, DIY. Agree — it looks vintage, warm and lamp-like. Such lamps were found at home in a pile of "junk". Then to IN-18. If interested, go under cut. Minimum operating time: 10,000 h Already laid out the printed circuit board, but the hitch happened because of the lamps. As a package — a regular envelope with bubble wrap, the indicators were in plastic tubes with an additional wrapper inside.
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Vacuum-luminescent indicator IV-18. Collecting ice clocks.

Technical specifications The idea was not implemented again. (Picture for example from the Internet). After payment, the seller returned the cost of international shipping $5. Incandescent current: 85 ± 10 mA This form of packaging proved to be quite reliable. In general, in a fit of enthusiasm, I ordered it on ebay. Somehow it did not work out to implement his idea. On one of the thematic sites for radio amateurs, I saw such a clock. Anode-segment pulse voltage: https://jiji.ug/cars/lexus-rx 50 V Incandescent voltage: 4.3–5.5 V The maximum current of the anode-segment: 1.3 mA Immediately the decision came — I will collect it myself! The indicator in such watches is IV-18. Packaging Then I wanted to repeat the scheme on IN-14. (Picture for example from the Internet). The nominal brightness of the indicator of one digital digit is 900 cd/m2, the service level is 200 cd/m2. The highest anode-segment voltage: 70 V Then I found a set of 6 pieces on ebay. Such watches, for example, in a wooden https://tonaton.co.ke/s_38-sketches case, can take their rightful place in the interior or on the table of a radio amateur. Glow color: Green